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Written by Showcase Egypt on May 5, 2021

Written by Showcase Egypt

3 years ago

Get the lowdown. Tune into our regularly scheduled webinars to learn how to better use Showcase Egypt products, services, and new features

Our Professional Services team offers specialized webinars for product training to customers of all roles and experience levels. No one-size-fits-all here! Pick a training format that works for you and your staff, and fits within your schedule.

Showcase Egypt Webinars

Business Profile Settings Webinars

When: Monday Time: 11:00 AM

Introduction to Egypt Business Directory Business Listing Settings including Create a Business Profile, SEO Settings, Company Description, Linking, and Optimization.

Product and Service Settings Webinars

When: Tuesday Time: 11:00 AM

Introduction to Showcase Egypt Business Directory Product and Service Settings including Create a Business Profile, SEO Settings, Description, Linking, and Optimization.


Who We Are

Showcase Egypt is a movement celebrating the creativity, innovation and success of bold individuals and visionary organizations that want to make Egypt their home. We encourage the entire country to get behind us and embrace the entrepreneurial spirit.

An entrepreneurial mindset helps us to nurture the collective abilities and diverse values of our innovative business community, through an exchange of ideas, resources, connections and acceptance.

This entrepreneurial ecosystem helps Showcase Egypt do what we do best – promote, showcase and support Egypt’s entrepreneurs throughout their unique journeys.

Today webinar is delivered by the Showcase Egypt Economic Development Authority (SEEDA), the webinars provide business information and advisory services for Egyptian entrepreneurs. Showcase Egypt team is ready to provide you with relevant and timely information to help you start and grow.

The Economic Development Egypt. (TEDE) is the lead economic development agency for the Egypt. TEDR provides leadership to the community with specific accountability for the following core functions:

  • Support industry growth and diversification through retention, development and attraction of business and tourism.
  • Find innovative ways to support the community in sustaining growth while effectively addressing the challenges of growth.
  • Market and promote Egypt for business and tourism.
  • Ensure Egypt prospers as a vibrant and diversified economy for investors, is a positive destination experience for visitors and offers a high quality of life for residents.

Showcase Egypt helps to ensure that Egypt prospers as a vibrant and diversified economy for businesses and investors, a strong destination experience for visitors, and a place of choice with a high quality of life and career opportunities for residents. It also encourages the growth of the Egyptian’s tourism industry through the retention and development of attractions. The Tourism Division attracts visitors and residents to explore Egypt’s leisure, business and special event tourism, which account billions of the Egyptian economy.

Egypt 2055

It’s the country where we overcome obstacles. The country where business ideas flourish, and grow into reality. It’s the country where one’s passion is encouraged to break through. It’s a country of opportunity. Ideas are supported. Roadblocks are removed. Self-doubt turns into confidence. Questions are answered, and problems become solutions. There is no discrimination of age or sex, culture or industry. And there’s no judgment. There’s no such thing as a bad idea, for all ideas are celebrated. This country is not Canada or United State, England or Australia.

The country we speak of is right here, Egypt.

Showcase Egypt is a touchpoint for entrepreneurs in the community, ensuring no journey is taken alone. Here’s to our partners, who support our movement and believe in our work, creating a vibrant business environment filled with new opportunities. Together, we ensure a welcoming home for local entrepreneurs and help to create a prosperous, more audacious Egypt.

Showcase Egypt bring out the Audacious! Join us and support our movement – become an event sponsor by reaching out to [email protected]. Let’s Connect